Arthritis, what is your body telling you?

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Arthritis, what is your body telling you?

After a very eventful break, Jess and Xandra are back to host another conversation around optimal health and wellbeing.

This time the spotlight is on arthritis – what it is exactly and most importantly, what the body is trying to tell us through this diagnosis.

As always, the gut and the immune system are places to focus our attention so that we can dampen those fires of inflammation and live a flexible, pain-free life despite signs of arthritic wear and tear.

Jess and Xandra use their many years of experience treating patients to explain how
calcium supplementation is far from ideal. What vitamins, minerals and herbs you should be prioritising instead and what exercises you can do to support your joints.

Jess also mentions her awesome manual treadmill desk from Walkolution* supplied by their lovely UK supplier* And Cell-active curcumin plus from Cytoplan*.

*We are not sponsored by any companies and are fully independent, any companies recommended are one's that have worked well for us