41: How do you avoid toxins and detox your life?

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41: How do you avoid toxins and detox your life?

Detoxing goes way beyond a juice fast or a few visits to the sauna. When you consider what contributes to your toxic burden, Jess and Xandra encourage you  to examine your whole life. Every change you make, however big or small, can make a powerful difference and in this conversation, they show you how.

When it comes to our food, do we think about what's nourishing us and what is harming us?  We can make positive changes easily and cheaply by buying in bulk, going straight to the producer, batch cooking, avoiding inflammatory oils and considering organic where possible. Visit the Pesticide Action Network and see which foods are on their Dirty Dozen list.

Looking at your home environment, what about the air we breathe? The water we drink? The mattress we sleep on? If you're planning a house renovation, what can you consider to make it as clean as possible?

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We also love Air Doctor purifiers and paint from Earthborn. Food wise, we're big fans of Unicorn Grocery and Gazegill Organics. Our favourite cleaning products are from Ecover, Bio-D and Method.  And watching Nancy Birtwhistle on Insta! :)