38: Questioning the status quo: listen, test, learn

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The Natural Doctors podcast
38: Questioning the status quo: listen, test, learn

In this episode, Jess & Xandra open up about the discomfort (and ultimately, the freedom!) of questioning their fixed beliefs and being willing enough to change.  

Do you withstand a strong opposing voice? Or do you listen and accept the possibility that they might be right? The Covid pandemic taught us so much about questioning the party line, trusting our instincts and finding our own ways to take back control of our health.

Is a research trial really the gold standard? Jess & Xandra discuss the power of their years of clinical experience, of listening to their patients and of not being afraid to push the boundaries and continue to experiment. 

They look at what their “universal truths” are and what things they're rethinking. Their answers might shock you!