Dr Jess

Dr Jess is a doctor who left the NHS in order to practice safe and natural systems of medicine that harness the body’s own ability to heal, rather than just symptom management with medications. She is the most qualified natural health doctor in the UK.

She is a certified functional medicine doctor (IFMCP) and has wide ranging knowledge and experience in personalised nutrition, DNA analysis, microbiome analysis, hormone balance, prescribing supplements, toxin, mould and parasite exposure, assessing nutrient levels and food intolerances. Dr Jess is an experienced herbalist and is qualified in several different systems of herbal treatment and is experienced blending both Traditional Chinese and Western herbs. She qualified as a homeopath at the same time as completing her medical training and has used this popular form of alternative medicine since she was a child.

She uses food, nutrition, herbs, traditional medicines, comprehensive testing and the latest evidence to support longevity, energy, mental clarity and happiness alongside good health. Her busy natural health practice has been running for over 16 years and she has seen thousands of patients. She has guest lectured regularly at University, college and practitioner group level on a range of topics from the gut-brain axis, herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, labour support and many more. She is currently training with Dr Nasha Winters in Integrative Oncology to further her extensive experience in supporting cancer.

She loves her job and sees it as an immense privilege to have worked with thousands of patients and listen to their life stories whilst supporting them on their health journeys. Her fascination with the natural world and love of learning has led to her development of unique natural health protocols and success in practice and she now works with a team of dedicated practitioners to continue to provide the best possible personalised care for patients at her clinic.

Dr Jess lives in South Manchester in the UK with her two beautiful children, husband, labrador Dax, 6 chickens and garden full of herbs and vegetables (which she is still learning how to grow). She is passionate about living a natural and sustainable lifestyle.